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My passion has always been to be different in any industry I find myself in.

I'm different. We're different. And I'm happy with that. Because it means we get to challenge norms with everything we do. This is what sparked the idea for Closet Digital. This agency is like no other. We don't survive on exorbitant agency fees or bill thinking about our overheads. We are a purely digital entity, operating as a group of sole traders who all have a unique passion for the game that we are playing.

Closet Digital is made up of a group of individuals passionate about achieving amazing results for our clients. From web, UI and UX design, performance media and graphic design, our group of industry leading individuals are the best equipped to help you achieve your business goals.

Why is Closet involved I hear you ask? Think of Closet as the glue between all of these sole traders. Save yourself the legwork of finding suppliers for all the different marketing aspects of your business, just speak to us. We build a tailored customer experience solution which covers every aspect of your business.

I've spent years building websites which have been referenced as exemplars in UI, UX, design and functionality.

My passion for creative and unique web experiences is what birthed the idea for Closet - a creative and unique agency experience. I bring my years of web development and design to a team of amazingly talented individuals, all ready to take up the challenge of delivering absolute excellence for you and your business.

Our Closet website has delivered a far improved customer experience and booking experience for our international and Australian customers. We couldn't be happier. We look forward to working with the team to grow our business in more ways.

- Vivaldis owner


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